Skyjam harnesses – comfortable and safe in the air

Skyjam Gurtzeug Blade_01

Harness BLADE

Skyjam Gurtzeug Blade_02

Our Blade is a comfortable intermediate harness equally for beginners and advanced pilots. The clever ergonomics of this harness makes it very easy to go in after take-off. Because of the flexible belt system you can fly in a sitting and lying position.




Skyjam Gurtzeug Blade_03

The integrated accelerator is always easy to reach disturbs never during take-off. The rescue parachute is placed under the seat and at any time easily reachable. The bags at the sides offer enough place for gloves, camera or a radio. The Blade is equipped with a 17cm protector.



Harness PURE

Skyjam Gurtzeug Pure_01

Our intermediate harness Pure impresses by a sporty geometry, high dynamic in flight, perfect processing and a fascinating weight. The harness weighs including carbines and 17 cm protector only 3.6 kg. We use modern, light materials and a carbon seat as standard.





Skyjam Gurtzeug Pure_02The Pure has like our Blade a flexible belt system, which allows to fly in upright or stretched position.


Skyjam Gurtzeug Pure_03

The reserve is well protected in a container under the seat and at any time easily reachable.


This modern harness combines highest dynamics for all freestyle maneuvers, a weight of less than 3 kg, most modern materials with a maximum of passive security. The harness is equipped with a very light carbon seat.

Skyjam Gurtzeug Freestyle_01An optimization of the relationship between the center of gravity of the pilot and glider suspension are a hundred percent guarantor for absolute flight fun.

With the integrated rice catch can the pack-volume be doubled very easily.



The main goal of the development of our new airbag harness Freestyle’R was deep weight (2.9 kg), stability, small pack size, high flight dynamics and maximum of passive safety.

Skyjam Gurtzeug Freestyler_01With suspension points of 38 cm is this harness the right choice for all freestyle and acro maneuvers. We produce this harness for one or two rescue parachutes. The position is integrated under the seat. The harness is equipped with a very light carbon seat.



Skyjam Gurtzeug Freestyler_02Our new double shoulder straps system keeps the pilot in every flight situation in a fixed position. We have achieved by modifying belt geometry a quiet and never nervous flight behavior in any conditions. But the feedback of the glider to pilot is always direct. That makes the Freestyle’R also the ideal companion for pilots flying XC and in strong thermals.




Paramotor: The Freestyle’R is the right choice for all pilots, who want to use the same harness for powered and free flying and who don’t want to accept any compromises in performance and comfort. The engine can be disassembled in only few minutes. The rescue stays in the harness. We equip all of our ST-PARAMOTORS with this harness.

Skyjam Gurtzeug Freestyler_03

We deliver the Freestyle’R with an integrated speed system, a leg-stretcher and our new lightweight porter (900 grams).

The Fresstyle’R is in this light and comfort-oriented combination is a real alternative to the standard revers-harness. In this way, the airbag is not part of the packaging bag. And you don’t risk any damage of this safety relevant part, when you are carrying the equipment.

Harness XX’LIGHT

Our hike and fly harness XX’Light with weight of <800 gram combines modern best manufacturing, durable materials and highest comfort. This fascinating weight makes it to an ideal companion for travels with the airplane, for mountain tours, for Paramotor and for tandem flights (also as a passenger seat). The integrated turning bag makes possible to carry the paraglider comfortably. The whole equipment does not weigh more than five to eight kilograms with the rescue parachute.

Skyjam Gurtzeug XX Light_01

You can use it for paramotor too. There is an absolute freedom for running during take-off and once in the air, you feel the perfect flight pleasure. in comparison to other standard harnesses you have more than three kilos less weight.




Skyjam Gurtzeug XX Light_02Our harnesses are in the colors black/gray.


Straps – Polypropylen, Polyester, Dyneema, Kevlar

Tissue – Cordura, Skytex