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Wave 2 – the ideal glider for the first years

The successful concept of the old Wave is been optimized by the development of the new Wave 2. We achieved less weight, a balanced starting and flight behaviour, a very low tendency for side and front collapses and immediate opening after collapses in turbulent air. These features make our Wave 2 to a modern and one of the safest in its class.

Skyjam Paragliders Wave 2

The Wave 2 is the right companion in the first years of your paragliding life. Because of its direct handling, its speed range and its high performance is this glider the right wing for beginners and also for pilots with XC ambitions.

Skyjam Schirm Wave 2_02

Every glider we produce is sewed especially for the client. Therefore, you can choose the color combinations which most suits you. Make no compromise – choose your own colors now.

Fly with your own colours…

                                 …just feel and choose them”


Technical information Wave 2

Layout surface 20.6022.3624.1926.1728.30
Projected surface 18.1719.6521.2623.0024.87
Layout span 9.8610.2510.6611.0911.54
Projected span 7.938.248.578.929.28
Layout aspect ratio 4.704.704.704.704.70
Projected aspect ratio 3.453.453.453.453.45
Number of cells3838383838
Weight of the glider (kg) 3.804.204.504.805.10
Take-off weight (kg)45-6056-7469-9082-105100-130
Min. speed (km/h) 2122222222
Trim speed (km/h) 3536363636
Max. speed (km/h) 4545454545
Gliding ratio >7.5 >7.5 >7.5 >7.5 >7.5
Sinkrate (m/s) <1.20<1.20<1.20<1.20<1.20
DHV 1 / EN BDHV 1 / EN BDHV1 / EN B 7 / DULV



Canopy – Skytex

Ribs – Skytex

Lines – Elderid

Skyjam Schirm Wave 2_05  Skyjam Schirm Wave 2_03