Paramotor/High performance

Creek – the best performance for paramotor flying 

The Creek 22 und 24 is our powerful high intermediate wing for paramotor and paratrike flying.


The Creek is a sophisticated development of the modern generation of paramotor intermediate gliders. It is characterized by an excellent speed range, dynamic flight characteristics and in all situation a clear and safe flight behavior.

In the challenging take-off phase comes this ppg/ppw glider is almost by itself over the pilot – also with zero wind.

Our Creek has the German Certification for paramotors and trikes. Without motor is this glider a powerful intermediate wing for pure pleasure in the mountains.

Skyjam Schirm Creek_02   Skyjam Schirm Creek_03

Every glider we produce is sewed especially for the client. Therefore, you can choose the color combinations which most suits you. Make no compromise – choose your own colors now.


Fly with your own colours. . .

                                 …just feel and choose them”

Skyjam Schirm Creek_05   Skyjam Schirm Creek_08


Technical information Creek 22 and 24

 Creek 22Creek 24
Layout surface (m2)25.0026.65
Projected surface (m2)22.3823.86
Layout span (m)11.2911.66
Projected span (m)9.479.77
Layout aspect ratio5.15.1
Projected aspect ratio4.04.0
Number of cells5353
Weight of the glider (kg)5.25.4
Certified take-off weight (kg)90-150100-165
Trim speed (km/h )3737
Min. speed (km/h )2323
Max. speed (km/h )4848
Max. gliding ratio8.58.5
Min. sink rate (m/s)1.151.15
CertificationDMSV BDMSV B



Canopy – Skytex

Ribs – Skytex

Lines – Elderid